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A Proud #Canadian ISP

Dunn Vision Telecom (Dunn Vision) is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Pickering, Ontario Canada. We provide cable and DSL internet access, hardware and Internet Protocol (IP) products for VoIP and IPTV as well as Whole-home WiFi, security systems and Internet of Things (IoT) products to residences and businesses Canada-wide. Our goal is to bring our customers the fastest speeds and latest innovations.

What you may be wondering now is, what makes us different from the thousands of other companies out there?

#Affordable Internet

While it is well known that internet service rates in North America are some of the highest in the world, Dunn Vision Telecom aims to help Canadians lighten the load while getting the most out of their services in the following ways:

  1. Partnering with programs such as Ohmconnect to help residents of Toronto save energy in their homes while earning.
  2. Educating visitors to our website about Government programs geared toward helping low income families get affordable access to the internet.
  3. Enabling our customers to buy instead of rent their modems and routers as well as owning other innovative products that will enhance their overall internet access experience and save them money in the long run. These products include our Whole-Home WiFi Systems that will help to improve signal strength in dead spots around their homes. With most of our competitors, you will always be renting.
  4. Offering incentives such as multi-tiered referral bonuses, student, senior and military discounts. Our customers are offered several ways to save on their monthly bills for doing things such as going paperless and signing up for pre-authorized monthly payments.

Our #Commitment To Our Customers

Dunn Vision Telecom commits to:

  • Bringing outstanding products and services for daily life;
  • Providing the products and services you want;
  • Offering fun technology and creative, useful products;
  • Ensuring that pricing information is presented clearly;
  • Being helpful and courteous in your dealings with us;
  • Striving to be accessible to you through the medium of your choice, whether it be online or by phone.

Social Responsibility

Some of the ways we give back to our communities
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Connecting Families Initiative
Save Energy, Get Paid with ohmConnect
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Our team

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