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Achieve Nearly 100% Network Uptime

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No More Worrying About Network Outages

By strategically combining multiple Internet connections from different networks or carriers, Nexus Multilink delivers more uptime than just a single connection. The system recognizes network outages and re-routes traffic instantly to back-up or standby connections, avoiding network disruptions to keep business going.

MultiLink 1: Standby LTE Backup

Businesses in remote locations with insufficient Broadband can use Nexus MultiLink to Bond Multiple Cellular 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G and fixed wireless connections to provide high-speed broadband. Our SD-WAN technology automatically recognizes when there is a disruption to your wireline connection and seamlessly keeps your business applications connected with your cellular connection. Great for remote businesses, cottages, temporary construction offices, Mobile Homes, Food Trucks and more. View Pricing >>

MultiLink 2: Standby Cable or DSL Wireline

Nexus MultiLink solution can combine multiple internet accesses into a single connection, whether it's cable or DSL, to allow higher speeds as well as seamless fail over. It offers the ultimate reliability and control over your connection to increase your speed and minimize the latency. If you are looking for network reliability, speed and clarity of voice, Nexus Multilink combines all of these aspects together to give you true network confidence. View Pricing >>

Downtime Cost - Core Features
The Cost of Network Outages

One of the most common questions we are asked is " “What is the cost of  network downtime?” The answer depends on how long it takes to get back online. Downtime can cost a significant amount of revenue. Based on industry surveys, Gartner suggests the cost of downtime is $5,600 p/minute, which extrapolates to well over $300K p/hour. This is just an average and there is a large degree of variance, based on the characteristics of your business and environment (i.e., your vertical, risk tolerance etc).

Downtime is serious, as most companies function through online software and communications systems such as UCaaS, AWS and Azure while others rely on cloud apps, POS secure payment gateways and online ordering.

Core Capabilities

Until now, the advantages of this technology has largely only been attainable by Enterprise and Fortune-500 companies. Nexus Multilink now offers those same benefits to Small to Medium Businesses.

  • Combine any Broadband connection type to scale bandwidth

  • Combine LTE, cable or DSL connections

  • Same IP Failover for session persistent applications like Zoom

  • Mobile/Cellular Standby Connectivity – Prevent Data overage

  • Enhances reliability of VPNs by ensuring availability of networks

  • Decreased likelihood of a data breach

  • Reduces repair time by at least 20% each year

Use Cases

Use Cases

Industry Examples
Healthcare Quick, secure connection to your entire care team or Telehealth client without worrying about network outages.
Education Safe, consistent connection for online learning, filtering content, provisioning bandwidth and sharing resources.
Corporate Network outages and weak connections won't disrupt your zoom meetings any longer. Quickly and securely upload and share files.
Retail Keep your Point-of-Sale and security system online, manage inventory, scheduling, IOT devices, etc.
Hospitality Keep security equipment, customer WiFi and Point- of-Sale devices online. Control traffic, ambiance (TV, music, etc.).
Construction Securely connect remote and temporary site offices, quickly share files, managing contractors with reliable network connections.

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Business Continuity Products

No more worrying about network outages. These devices can combine your DSL or cable internet with LTE to give you higher speed and backup internet in case of network outages.


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