Own a Condo Complex? You May Be Missing-Out on Revenue Opportunities

Dunn Vision Telecom offers bulk pricing, which provides a significant discount on our retail rates. According to National Multi-Housing Council data, nearly half of apartment residents say the availability of broadband influences their rental decision. Nexus High-Speed Internet gives new residents a unique reason to sign on the dotted line and existing residents a significant reason to renew.

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Managed WiFi Solution

We also offer a managed Wi-Fi solution which can provide significant revenue and ROI opportunities for Multi-dwelling unit property owners. Check out this easy-to-use calculator to get an idea of how managed Wi-Fi can impact your business.

  • Make your property stand out in a competitive market
  • Deliver wireless Smart Home services such as keyless door entry, maintenance access, and more.
  • More easily attract future tenants, since guests at the property who get awesome Wi-Fi are more likely to consider that property when looking for a new home.
  • Simplified connectivity with the ability to easily connect to the Wi-Fi network so residents stay connected to Wi-Fi at the pool, in the gym, or anywhere else on the property without having to reconnect
  • Potentially lower costs, since tenants’ Internet connectivity is built into their rent.

Why MDU Properties Are Moving to Managed Wi-Fi

Home will always be where the heart is. But what “home” actually looks like is changing. As a range of macro-economic and population trends converge, we’re seeing a historic boom in MDU living. Large numbers of people are moving from rural areas to urban centers, where apartments are the preferred—often only—housing. At the same time, more millennials are choosing to rent rather than buy to save money and preserve flexibility. Meanwhile, as the “Baby Boomer” generation ages, the assisted living industry is seeing massive investment in expanding facilities and constructing new ones. Add it all up, and it’s an MDU market that’s seeing explosive growth. Despite the growing importance of Wi-Fi, however, most MDU residents still get it the old-fashioned way.

They contact the local service provider, on their own, and order Internet service. Each tenant gets his or her own Wi-Fi access point (AP), used exclusively for that apartment. When every apartment has its own AP, all deployed independently with no consideration for optimal coverage, that density creates interference that negatively impacts the Wi-Fi service. Tenants end up with inconsistent performance, dropped connections and ongoing frustration.


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Student Dormitories - Students demand blazing fast and reliable Internet.
Condominiums - Save condo residents money, increase property values.
Apartment Complexes - Tenants save money while also increasing your revenues.
Hotels, Motels & Resorts - Turbo charge your guestrooms and common areas.
Office Buildings - Reliant on WiFi to complete their day-to-day operations.
Gated Communities - Reduce cost per household while providing fiber speeds.

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