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A Transfer of Responsibility is the process used to change the ownership of an existing or new customer.

You must meet the following criteria before proceeding with a Transfer of Responsibility:

  • The account must be in good standing with no past due balances.
  • The account holder must authorize this request by contacting Customer Care. It’s recommended to have the new customer (taking over the account) available.
  • The new customer will be informed of the price plan tenure, terms and conditions will also be explained.

What will happen after I perform a Transfer of Responsibility?

  • The new customer will assume full responsibility for the account. (Note: You are still responsible for all monthly charges and usage up until the day the transfer is completed.)
  • The security deposit you paid, if applicable, will be refunded to your account once the transfer is completed.
  • The Destination account (Customer taking over) will be invoiced for services effective the date of transfer.

When a Transfer of Responsibility is not permitted?

  • Within the first 60 days following activation
    • Account must show one payment post activation.
  • If a hardware upgrade has been completed in the last 60 days.
  • If invoice containing equipment charge has not been paid in full.

Information for customer taking over the device:

  • Credit Check may be required before taking responsibility for the device.
  • Total responsibility for the account will be transferred.

Transfer of responsibility authorization lasts for 30 days. (You have 30 days to call Dunn Vision Telecom and complete the Transfer of Responsibility).

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