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If you sign up for a new plan that includes a promotional credit for your monthly service fee but you cancel, downgrade, or upgrade that plan, you will receive a credit reversal charge to remove that original promotional credit. The credit reversal will be labelled as Reversal under the Monthly charges section. Any credits that are included in the new plan are labelled as Savings.

If you are upgrading your plan, you’ll also see partial credits in order to cancel your previous plan (labelled as Cancelled on the bill).

For example: If you sign up for an internet package that includes a $10 credit, you’ll see the credit labelled as Savings on your first bill. The following month, you decide to upgrade your internet package in order to get a larger $20 promotional discount. As a result, the next bill will contain the new $20 credit labelled as Savings along with a credit reversal (labelled as Reversal) of $10 to remove the $10 credit from the bill.

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