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Here are some reasons why you may see a higher than expected bill:

Activating or changing plans

You’ll see partial charges if you changed your service plan or activated a service in between your billing cycle.

Using wireless or internet data

Additional charges apply if you exceed your data usage limit (if applicable). Overage fees are charged for each GB over your limit on our current plans.

Upgrading your device

You’ll see an extra device balance charge if you recently upgraded your device while still within the term contract for your old device. Learn more about the billing impact of wireless device upgrades.

Purchasing hardware

As part of your plan, you may need to purchase or rent necessary equipment like modems.

Installing new services

Our services require professional activation by a Dunn Vision Telecom technician, resulting in a one-time installation charge if you decide to move your service. Some services (e.g., internet) you can install yourself, meaning you’ll avoid any installation change.

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