VIVINT Smart Doorbell Video Camera



Some surprises (like finding that long-lost item when you least expect it) can make your day. Others (like a telemarketer during dinner) aren’t quite as welcome. In fact, one survey found that 76% of people don’t answer their phones if they don’t recognize the number.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that one of the most popular smart home devices is the doorbell camera. A smart doorbell camera acts like caller ID for your front door, letting you see who’s there before you even open the door.

You need to pair with the Vivint Sky Control Security system. Because the doorbell is integrated with Vivint connected-home/home security system, you have the option of remotely unlocking any of your doors that are equipped with a smart lock. If you are not home and you want to let a friend or family member into the house, you can remotely disarm your security system and unlock the door for them.

This could also be useful if you need to receive a package while you are away from home. The Vivint Doorbell Camera, a Wi-Fi enabled smart home product, features advanced video analytics to alert homeowners to approaching visitors with customized notifications to a mobile device. The discreet doorbell camera starts recording when a person approaches the door. When the visitor rings the doorbell, the homeowner receives a live video feed through a smartphone app or on the Vivint SkyControl wall panel installed in the home.

The doorbell cam also features night vision technology, allowing homeowners to see visitors approaching even in low-light conditions.

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